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MAJOR FRAGRANCE. Huge appreciation.

Say hello to gifts for employees they’re guaranteed to love. Whether you want to treat your team or thank your clients, our Corporate Sales & Gifting team is here to help you place large-scale, bulk orders of gift cards, hand soaps and PocketBac hand sanitizers.

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Terms and Conditions of Purchase:

The following Terms and Conditions of Purchase (together with the purchase information set forth above, these “Terms”) apply to all purchases by Company from Bath & Body Works and all such purchases are governed solely by these Terms. Company’s payment for or acceptance of Bath & Body Works product will be deemed to evidence Company’s agreement with and acceptance of these Terms. These Terms will supersede and control over any purchase order or other document of Company, and any different terms are rejected without further action or notification to Company.

  1. The product is being sold in “as is” condition and IS NOT RETURNABLE;
  2. The product will only be used for Company’s internal purposes and will not be transferred to a third party or resold;
  3. The product will not be shipped or distributed internationally and will only be distributed within the United States of America;
  4. The product purchase is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio without giving effect to any conflicts of law principles.
  5. The purchase of gift cards will be governed by the terms found at /cards-more-info/gc-learn-more.html.


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